Achieve Greater Levels of Success

Create an Improved Work Environment

Establish Work Life Balance

Consider the Next Best Move

Prepare High Performers

Welcome to Emerald Quest Coaching

Emerald Quest Coaching offers personal and group coaching opportunities designed to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals. We work with you to:

  • Integrate feedback from interviews and/or assessments to establish a work gradient
  • Distinguish each leader’s unique gaps and blind spots, and how they are impacting their results
  • Partner with clients to broaden his/her scope of learning and growth
  • Support clients through communication breakdowns, conflict management and integration of new winning behaviors

Our services include individual and group coaching, training, and performing workshops and assessments for professionals at all levels–from those just entering the industry to seasoned executives. We focus our coaching on real issues and sustainable results that are directly applicable to both the daily tasks and broader responsibilities of our clients.

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Professional Coaching

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Life Coaching

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Assessments & Training


Achieve Greater Levels of Success

Achieve greater levels of success by expanding the awareness of professional potential, identifying a compelling future and developing an action plan.

Create an Improved Work Environment

Create an improved work environment by reducing conflict and improving communication skills and rapport with clients and internal teams.

Establish Work Life Balance

Establish work-life balance by reducing levels of effort while increasing a sense of satisfaction and contribution.

Determine the Next Best Move

Determine the next best move by integrating both personal and professional motivations.

Prepare High Performers

Prepare high-performers for leadership roles or key projects by creating greater ownership for individual results and organizational goals.

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What Clients Are Saying

Mini05“The outcome for me was ideal – I was actually able to achieve my desired transition within my targeted timeline, with the support of those around me. Throughout the process, I feel that I developed some life skills in setting personal priorities, including strengthening my ability to stake out and stand by a position, and managing conflict. These are skills that I can apply throughout my life. Throughout my entire coaching engagement, I felt Lisa was my advocate and enjoyed every conversation, while gaining insights and support for taking on new challenges.”
Alison T., Co-founder of an energy efficiency consulting firm
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Do you or others within your organization have intellectual or intuitive gaps? Contact us for a confidential conversation to discuss how our process can close those gaps and optimize possibility and opportunities.